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raja khodam macan emas(king golden tiger companion) with ilmu macan siliwangi!


10 months ago by spiritual_mystikaz




direct transfer of this companion which is of high level beautifully in golden shining aura with ijazah(initiation) of ilmu macan restrictions or fasting as per norm with other companions your own prayers/meditation/rituals and simple techniques is enough to bond between the companion and individual effect is of high level protection against harm/accidents/dangers/enemy attacks...fencing against black magic/disturbance/evil entities/enemies eyes...high authority/respect and aura of the king golden tiger to fear anyone who have ill intentions and prevents backstabbers...strengthens the aura and prana(tenaga dalam)/sixth sense/psychometry(scanning from palm)/sharpened inner instincts/able to penetrate into alam ghoib(unseen world)/able to heal medical and non medical issues/removal and neutralising negativity from or mystic items..withstand heavy blows/develop heavy punch/able to communicate with the companion or call in for auto martial arts movements and many more with interest and confidence! for anyone regardless race or religion but with good intent and for the benefit of all...Do pm to book your appointment providing your recent picture and full name for free scanning and reading! bonus 3 pills would be given to enhance the effects and to balance your 7 chakras! plus a protection stone or option of attraction/wealth stone would be given for free! would test the scanning and martial movement abilities after the empowerment of the companion And for those who already got cheated by others lodge a police report instead of coming to us in distrust or to try us...its very simple that if you dont believe,nothing is going to work for you only @ $187 Thanks and have a nice day!

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