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Rare Lp Ruay Self Image Rian Money Bag BE2540 wrapped In high quality Real Silver Case and sent to DD Phra for authenticity certification. Super Highly Recommended!!Super Good Price To Own One. Only one available. As shown on amulet magazine. Lp Ruay-Ruay In Thai Also Means As "Rich" which is very auspicious to the wearer as its will bring wealth,riches and good luck. Purpose: LP Ruay amulet is very famous and well known in Thailand because its had been proven to help wearer protection from physical harm, weapon and obstacle,with many stories already being reported. And the best is, LP Ruay amulet is very good for all forms of wealth, success in business and good fortune. Biography of LP Ruay: LP Ruay was born in B.E.2464 (C.E.1921) at Ayutthaya province. When LP Ruay was 16 years old, he was ordained as Buddhist novice at Wat Tako. In B.E.2484, LP Ruay was ordained as Buddhist monk at Wat Tako by LP Chuen of Wat Phachee was preceptor. LP Ruay went to study the magic and meditation from many top monks such as LP Chuen of Wat Phachee, LP Jam of Wat Dangnuea and other. Many Thai Devotees Now Wear Lp Ruay amulets and also start collection because they believed Lp Ruay amulets possessed very strong power especially for wealth and good luck.Also its is very much expected that Lp Ruay amulets will have significent rise in selling and market value in the near future. Effects: - Boost your wealth extremely, such as business, sales and overall general luck. - Protection and prevent bad stuff from happening. Tags: Thai amulets somdej kp khun pean lp Koon l par lp thuad pidta chinaraj Jtk lersi butterfly takrut Toh Tim rian locket Kring salika pong tong prom sakorn chuchok egf er ge Feng nang kwa pikanet sangkachai naga wealth fortune luck protection Ganesha luang phor luang pu archan ac loop om lor palakit kruba aj moon baeng udom subin money monk kmt gambling pae bucha

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Preferred location: CCK, Tanjong Pagar, Chinatown. Meeting arrangement open for discussion.

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