Rare Mullard ECC35 / 6SL7GT / CV569 Vintage NOS Tube


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Mint Condition Made in British Good for vocal, low frequencies application A nice clean tube tested good with no shorts or leaks. has short brown base, clean pins and D getter. New in original service box. Tested on a digital tube tester. CODE RU1 B6A Vf 6.3v Vg1 -2.5ma Va 250v. Results A1 Ia 2.5ma gm 2.8 ma/V A2 Ia 2.5ma gm 2.5 ma/V New tube specs Ia 2.3ma gm2 ma/V Type: Others Brand: Mullard

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Self-collect at Pasir Ris Drive 4 Cash & carry NOS Tube Hardly use. Spare Tube.