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Raslok Steering Wheel Lock IG-80 ONLY(ONLY BLACK)


YHI Avanti Centre





YOUR VEHICLE IS AT RISK! Thousands of cars are stolen every day from people who didn't think it would happen to them. According to FBI 2010 report, in the United States alone, a motor vehicle is stolen every 42.8 seconds, that works out 2,019 motor vehicles stolen daily. In Malaysia, an average of 150 cars are stolen daily. The financial burden and personal hassle of having a car stolen can be tremendous. WHAT YOU HAVE TO KNOW? Today's professional thieves are technically proficient to bypass factory electronic anti-theft system and steal your vehicle in a matter of seconds. They disable your alarm and even unlock the doors typically by using a scanner box or code grabber. All of the wiring under the dashboard is exposed and vulnerable. The fact is simple, ELECTRONIC anti-theft system is NOT enough to stop professional thieves. Therefore you need a MECHANICAL lock to safe guard your vehicle. (Read more...) HOW SAFE IS YOUR STEERING WHEEL LOCK? Steering wheel lock is by far the most popular and least expensive anti-theft option. Unfortunately most of the steering wheel locks in the market are either susceptible to lock picking or can be removed simply by cutting the steering wheel. RASLOK is your first and ultimate choice to protect your car from being stolen! The revolutionary patented design and locking mechanism make RASLOK stand out from ordinary locks. It took years of research, development and industry experience to lead to a major breakthrough in the fight against professional thieves. Made from reinforced super hard steel, together with its highly visible deterrent and excellent design for Reliability and Security, RASLOK helps to prevent your car from being stolen as it proves exceptionally hard to remove without the key. RASLOK is the only car lock with great reputation that even professional thieves would have avoided. RASLOK is designed in Singapore based on the utmost security and quality standard. It is by far the best-selling car steering wheel lock in Asia market. The revolutionary patented RASLOK is virtualy impossible to defeat! *With purchase of my other NEW items listed will receive additional discount! *Product comes with 1 yr warranty from the date purchased. *Stop wasting time on others when this is the best!!! *No others models. ONLY IG-80 & black only! *Meetup can be arrange with 1 day advance strictly & only cash/Paylah/Paynow upon collection. (Kindly provide a pic of your steering wheel so it’s easier for me to explain how to use the lock. Thanks) (NEVER GO ON A ROAD TRIP WITHOUT IT!!!)

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