Raw Mustika katilayu Biru ( Blue Amber ) Nickname :Fishing Amulet (Code 02) (Normal Grade) Self collection at Punggol Drive under my blk. Mailling @ $5


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If intrested and think that the price is rite for u do pm or wat app me.. Katilayu size : 25 x 23 x 16mm est Ring : NIL Size : NIL Able to cut into 2 loss stone depend on size.. Function : Bring positive energy into you, open up All luck especially Fishing and fortune luck, Cast away Evil spirits, Charming for more friends & Ect... All Natural... No Enhancment made.. No pantang.. Hi all.. I will try to intro wat i know about Katilayu for... to everyone. Katilayu main use if for fishing . Jus wear it as a Ring or pendant it will enhance ur fishing luck.. It will lure in more fisher for u. Those whom don't belive me can try youtube type "Mystical Katilayu" and u will see how the katilayu bring the fish in. Katilayu engish is call amber. In chinese belive that Amber can bring in luck, wealth and block alway bad things. Put amber at home or office it will lure in more luck and wealth to ur home or and business. Put a raw piece of amber at hm it will lure in more luck to hm.. That wat my wife says. Which is i belive is ture. Hope the above info can Help u all know more about katilayu. If still have any question feel Free to pm me or watapp me at 8387 8338 i will try my very best to ans u. On hand i have yellow, red and blue. Blue will be expensive cos is harder to find Pm me if intrested or watapp me at 8387 8338 for fast reply. If intrested i can also show u a short video if u wan.. ( No low baller ) Intrested do @ me at my F.B group ( ian_mysti & gemstone ) for me more mysti and gemstone. Will be posting short video there aswell.. Batu Cincin/ Ring/ Gems/ Stone/ Akik/ Agate/ Sapphire/ Topaz/ Zumbrud/ Emerald/ Pandan/ Cateyes/ Yaman/ Bader Besi/ Mata Dewa/ Katilayu/ Amber/ Mi La/ Aqua Marine / Combong/ Chalsedony/ Wood/ Kayu/ Kelo/ Nibong/ Stigi/ Akar/ Bacan/ Bambu/ Mani Gajah/ Lumut/ Moss/ Kucubong/ Amethyst/ Opal/ Fossil/ Jarumas / Rutilated/ Motif / Firus/ Turquoise/ pendant/ Bracelet/ Galang/ Tasbih/ Amulet