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New Old Stock from Discontinued Book Shop 1 Copy Only. New but due to its age, there will be faint page yellowing and abrasion. Not for fussy buyers. Since the publication of its first issue in 1992, Ray Gun has set the perimeters of the cutting edge in publishing. Abandoning such conventions as headlines, columns, and even page numbers, the alternative rock-and-roll magazine created a chaotic, abstract style that broke all the rules, clearing the way for a slew of fringe magazines devoted as much to style as to substance. This self-consciously hip, unconventional approach soon emerged on album covers, concert posters, and MTV, signaling the birth of a bona fide movement. The same irreverent approach to production is applied to Ray Gun: Out of Control, forcing you to wade through a maze of random graphics and typefaces to unearth the articles and essays. The search is half the fun, though, as the pieces are enough to capture your interest, even against the backdrop of so much graphic noise. Ray Gun has captured the imagination of American alternative culture as a forum for debate and as an arbiter of credibility on music, graphic design, culture, and style. Out of Control celebrates Ray Gun and its sister magazines in a potent blend of the very best from their past stirred up with a larger dose of challenging new graphics, writing, photography, illustration, typography, fashion, and music from the cutting edge of today's youth culture. In it the Ray Gun creative team and literally hundreds of contributors - including many essential tastemakers - set out on a quest to track the critical search for identity in a youth culture that is itself media-driven and identity-mad. This anthology drawn from the pages of Ray Gun, one of the most visually idiosyncratic and original music magazines now being published, demonstrates just how consistently inventive and challenging the design of the magazine is but doesn't make the ``new niche cool'' publication any easier to understand. Kuipers, its editor, argues that too many magazines are addicted to ``the megalomaniacal need to control people, to steer culture away from the radical and toward the safe.'' One way in which they do that is by compartmentalizing art and text. Ray Gun doesn't: Words flow over images, dense blocks of text are squeezed into spreads featuring glowing color photographs or collages, a wide variety of typefaces are crowded into an issue. Another way in which magazines assert a rigid worldview is by strictly defining the roles of artists, writers, designers, and subjects: Ray Gun has recruited John Travolta, William S. Burroughs, Quentin Tarantino, Frank Zappa, and Keith Richards, among many others, as contributors, providing ``an open forum'' for the artists ``who define youth (or music) culture.'' The anthology offers a stunning gallery of cutting-edge design, but its highly experimental mix of images and text is likely to make it of interest only to designers and the already initiated. Hardcover: 240 pages Publisher: Simon & Schuster 1st ed 1997 Language: English ISBN-10: 0684839806 ISBN-13: 978-0684839806 Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.9 x 1 inches

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Blk 121 Paya Lebar Way Near Aljunied Mrt Station. Map and Instructions in Listings. Cash payment on Meet up is Ok. Buyer arrange transport.