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PRE-ORDER - Dwarf Greek Basil Cuttings With Roots


11 months ago by nanatangl






Ready stock. Dwarf Greek Basil cuttings with roots, ready to be potted: $2.00 (~1 cutting) $8.50 (~5 cuttings) $15.00 (~10 cuttings) However, if the stock sells out, then it will be a pre-order listing. Rooting will only proceed upon confirming your order accompanied with full payment via bank transfer. Rooting takes approx. 2-3 weeks after confirmation of order. I’ll contact you once rooting completed. Other cuttings with roots available, ready to be potted: - Dwarf Greek Basil cuttings. - Indian Borage cuttings (no roots). - Peppermint cuttings. - Money Plant cuttings. - Rosemary cuttings. - Spicy Globe Basil cuttings. - Variegated Indian Borage cuttings (no roots). Herb / Vegetable / Fruit seeds available: - Basil Seeds - Beetroot Seeds - Broccoli Sprouting / Microgreens Seeds - Carrot Seeds - Catnip Seeds - Chervil Seeds - Chilli Seeds - Common Thyme Seeds - Custard Apple Seeds - Dill Seeds - Fenugreek Seeds - Italian Oregano Seeds - Kai Lan Seeds - Kale Seeds - Lemon Balm Seeds - Lemongrass Seeds - Lettuce Seeds - Pak Choy Seeds - Papaya Seeds - Pepper Seeds - Purslane Seeds - Rosemary Seeds - Sage Seeds - Slow Bolt Cilantro Seeds - Spinach Seeds - Swiss Chard Seeds - Thyme Seeds - Tomato Seeds Flower seeds available: - Bachelor's Button- Mixed Colour Seeds - Bergamot Flower Seeds - Blue Pea Seeds - Borage Seeds - Caraway Seeds - Clover Seeds - Coneflower Seeds - Crackerjack Mix Marigold Seeds - German Chamomile Seeds - Hyssop Seeds - Johnny Jump Up Viola Seeds - Lavender Seeds - Meadow Wildflower Mix Seeds - Milkweed Seeds - Sunflower Seeds - Upland Wildflower Mix Seeds

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boyboilPleasant transaction!
2 days ago
snowbellsSeeds well packaged and received in good more
3 months ago
nanatanglThanks for your support. Happy Gardening 😉
jamiercItem posted quickly and as described. Recommended more
4 months ago
nanatanglThanks for your support 😉