[READY STOCK] Sudo Strawberry 🍓 Flavored Wafer Biscuit


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Ordered extra for my hamsters This is the very popular treat that many overseas hamster owners spoil their pets with, as seen on instagram. Their hamsters love it, same for mine! And this isn't available in Singapore! Shipping also took extremely long - easily close to a month. So... I'm selling this one and only box I have at $16. 45pcs inside. Repacked into a ziplock bag by yours truly. Or, 6 pieces for $3. Just in case if you're afraid your hamster does not like it and don't wanna be stuck with a big pack. Disclaimer: It smells sweet. So I would suggest feeding your pets just once a week. Ordering & Collection: - Items are pre-order unless otherwise stated. Instock items have a <INSTOCK> on the Item Name. - Full Payment required for pre-orders - Screenshot of payment required to confirm order - Waiting time about 1 to 2 weeks depending for pre-order items - Normal mail available for smaller items at an extra charge of $2, depending on item - For self-collection, it will be at Bedok - For island-wide delivery, add $5 Tags: syrian hamster dwarf roborovski campbell winter white pudding cage bin alaska #savic bristol ovo habitrail cristal acrylic sanko fence play pen carno zoog chinchilla chinchillas rabbit small animal wood wooden hideout rat rats mice birds parrots sun conure indian ringneck ladder bridge luffa platform rainbow

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