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Xiao Mi Air Purifier 2 Xiao Mi Air Purifier 2 Product Description XiaoMi's latest addition to its fleet of growing catalogue now features the Mi Air Purifier 2, aimed at enhancing the indoor air quality of homes and offices alike. Equipped with powerful capacity to produce nearly 10,000 litres of clean air per minute, the Mi Air Purifier is a must-have accessory which allows for a peace of mind to focus on events that matters most to you. Its robust 3-layer filter cartridge is set to impress you with its ability to remove 99.99% of PM2.5 particles from the air, which includes dust and smoke particles from cigarettes etc. Take charge and monitor the quality of air with a touch of a button via the XiaoMi Smart Home app - the perfect indoor enhancement solution right in the palm of your hand. About Xiao Mi Air Purifier Filters Xiaomi Air Purifier use the three layers filter to provide the health of the air. The HEPA filter is medical standard layer that can filter 99.97% particles as little as 0.3μm (0.0003mm). Size Comparison - Hair: 60μm to 90μm - General dust: 10μm - Smoke particles: 1 to 3μm Xiao Mi Air Purifier 2 Features 1 fans and 4 air ducts producing nearly 10,000 litres of clean air per minute and purifies areas up to 48 square metres High quality 3-layer in-built filter cartridge barrel to remove 99.99% PM2.5 particles from the air Turbine wheel sloping to promote penetration of even more air to the device Full control and alerts on the XiaoMi Smart Home APP (available for Android and iOs) Plug and Play. No installtion or setup. Noise Free. More silent than Mitsubishi aircon.

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