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Namman Prai Hom Huan Arjarn Apichai Daeicha Origin: Northern Thailand Material: Oil from Mae PinnThip ( oil obtained from a lady corpse ) mixed with namman prai ( oils obtained from female corpses)which Arjarn Apichai kept for years and wanhs : Wanh Dork Thong powder (from charm plant), 108 kinds of plants about Maha Saney (charm), Maha Niyom (charisma)& Maha Larp (wealth), Power: This charm oil is very powerful that when you use it, you can attract an opposite sex and make someone miss you all the time and very crazy about you. For business, this charm oil can make you successful in a negotiation. Caution: Do not use this amulet with a person who is married or already has loved one because it is a sin! Directions of Use: For love, dab oil on the left side of your chest with your left ring finger. For business, dab oil on your forehead with your left / right middle finger. Dip on the person skin which you want as soul mate. Light 1 incense sticks to nmp to bring good luck , fortune , wealth, business and love. Katha: A Hi Jit Tung Jit Ta Pan Tung Pa Ki No May Jit Tung Pan Tung Pi Young MaMa Wu R Ga Sa Na Cha Li Ti 3 times

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