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We pray for the Best to come! Chinese Tradition - still in practice and to be maintained for generations 强力推荐! 各商家 / 居家 皆适合用来祭拜神明! (例如:过年过节,初一十五) **SHARE with your family members that it would be more economical to buy these praying material from Ru Yi Pray via Carousell! New Stock RYT008 - RED Gui Ren Joss Paper for praying purposes 红色贵人符 (长版) SGD 1.40 per 100 pcs (100张) Gui Ren Fu (接引貴人符) aka Talisman of Ushering-in the Deities of Prosperities & Fortunes 祈求 贵人四方来,贵人扶助 Each packet has about 100 pcs of RED Gui Ren Joss Paper 每包大约有100张 红贵人符 Joss paper's size is about W 25 cm. 红贵人符大约 宽25 cm. WARNING: - Remove all the packaging before burning the joss paper. - Burning the joss paper only at the permitted/designated area (specialized for praying use). - Burning joss paper at own risk.

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