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  • dennlow

    Noted the to know whether the calipers can fit my VW 18" rims without any spacers?

  • esquire8568

    I m driving Toyota esquire GI model, running front disc and rear drum braking system? What is your recommendation and price please? I have upgraded my stock rims from originally of 15"/65/195 to the current 225/50/17". Pls advise , thanks.

  • braking.point

    Can message me 93367036?

Reconditioned Brembo For Cars Pricing Here


1 year ago by braking.point






Factory reconditioned Brake kits. All sets taken off production cars. Contact 93367036 for more info. Or visit our Carousell Link Visit our website Brembo GT 6pot monoblock Front (18" minimum): $2700 Brembo GT 4pot MONOBLOCK (for rear): $2600 Brembo 18Z 6pot front (from Porsche 18" minimum): $2600 Brembo 18Z 4pot rear (from Porsche): $1800 Brembo 19Z 6pot front (from new Porsche 18" minimum): $3200 Brembo F50 big 4pot Front (17" minimum): $2000 Brembo F40 mini 4pot rear (If for front 16" minimum): $1800 Brembo 2pot Rear: $1300 Sumitomo 4pot front from Lexus LS430: $1300 Sumitomo 2pot rear from Lexus LS430: $1100 Prices above includes the following: - Reconditioned Genuine Brembo Caliper with your choice of colors - new Brembo brake pads - new Braking Point Crossdrill/slotted/flat floating rotor (your choice of rotor size) - new MAGNUM II stainless steel braided hose (Custom length for your car) - new Braking Point brackets suited to your car model - free installations - 6months warranty on Calipers for a piece of mind. (Advance 1 to 1 replacement (order a new one in to replace your current), not send yours back for repair) Contact us now 93367036 Order takes about 7-14days to fabricate brackets and spray the color you need. Deposit is only $400. Many customers ask why sell so cheap? Is it genuine? Answer is yes, these are reconditioned sets taken off production cars where the condition of the brake calipers are too good to scrap. Only Calipers are reconditioned, all other parts are totally BRAND NEW! Selling fake Brembo in Singapore? Unless you have tons of money to throw at lawsuits, we don't. If you can prove that my Calipers are fake, I will refund 200% of the amount paid. Do you have certificates? These are all reconditioned sets taken off production cars, and no We don't have the authentication cards, because they don't issue 1 when you get a Cadillac, Evo, STI, Porsche or Tesla. -- Braking Point Singapore, a registered company in Republic of Singapore --

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