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  • namwoohyun

    Unlike other tutors, Dan is very outgoing. Despite the setbacks, he consistently encourages me to try harder and guide me along the way. Not just a tutor but also a motivator, I am able to release my fullest potential and showcase my capabilities in math.

Refundable Math & Science Tuition (Primary, Secondary and Junior College Tuition)


4 months ago by learn.




Updates: 5/9: A big thanks to all for the tremendous support thus far. ALL additional classes for the last stretch of 2018 are full! ***5/9: REGISTRATION FOR 2019 IS HERE! Register before December 2018 to enjoy a 50 dollars off. Register here: 15/9: New O Level and A Level intensive classes are available after PSLE (End of September). 21/9: Planned classes are all full! 25/9: More O Level classes are available due to high demand! PM for more! 29/9: A sincere gratitude for the overwhelming responses. Do take note that class schedule will be finalised only when SA2 results are out as students of similar grades will be grouped together. This is very important because students of different grades function differently. 15/11: Once again, thank all of you for placing your trust in us to help your child out. We have decided to open additional classes (original team of tutors only!). 😊 πŸ”Š Parents often ask if our teaching method works for his/her child. Truth is, no single teaching method works for all. That is why we split kids of different calibre up. To claim a method that works for all is fake advertising. To verify, you may attempt to ask for student records (of grades similar to your child) to check if a methodology works for your child. This will prevent you from wasting precious money on ineffective coaching from anywhere. PM us for more advice. πŸ˜ƒ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ Introduction of Aptitude Tuition Academy β˜† >8 years of experience coaching Primary, Secondary and Junior College students. β˜† There are many teachers around, but my team and I are not just another few of them. We motivate and inspire students to achieve their fullest potential. As corny as it sounds, we touch the hearts of our students before their minds. Structure and Curriculum β˜† Ever go to a famous tuition centre branch but disappointed with the results? Fear not! We did not start a chain business as we want to keep to our original teaching methods. β˜† Everyone learns differently, hence lessons are structured accordingly to their grades, unlike most centres outside. β˜† Class sizes are purposely kept small to allow our tutors to guide each student personally. The centre would rather compromise profits than the quality offered to our students. β˜† There are no selection criteria to be our students unlike centres outside as we believe that each student deserves an equal opportunity. β˜† With a proven pedagogy to deliver the syllabus effectively and a personalised approach to cater to different students, >85% of our students have achieved 2 grades improvement or more. Bonus: β˜† More testimonials are provided upon request. β˜† First lesson will be free (trial class) if student is unsatisfied. β˜† 100% fee refund if grades are not satisfactory.* β˜† Lastly, we leave no students behind. Never. Ever. Tags: additional math amath amaths chem chemistry econ econs economic economics emath emaths elementary math mathematics phy physics science PSLE prelim prelims A Levels N Levels O Levels private candidate IB jc junior college pri MOE NIE primary sec secondary best distinction effective improve lecture note notes paper practice private proven summary super tutor tutorial useful 2019 tuition crash course shinglee Stadium mountbatten dakota bedok serangoon hougang bishan katong marine parade orchard doubyghaut east central northeast west *PM for more. T&C applies.


University Graduate

Full-Time Tutor

Primary, IB, Secondary, Junior College, PSLE, N Levels, O Levels, A Levels, Poly, Private candiate

Chinese, Economics, English, Mathematics (Additional/ Elementary/H1/H2), Principle of Accounts, Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)

2019 intake! PM for more information.

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