Regen 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask (Whitening) VSHAPE Face 1 piece


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Seeing is believing: Youtube CHannel : ONLY LEFT WHITENING SHEETS 1 PC- $8.90 3 Pcs - $18 5 Pcs -$25 Why buy Regen Cos Mask? V-shape face is now considered as the ideal shape face of all. It is said that if you have this shape of face you have more opportunity to be in the fashion trend. Various styles and designs of the world’s apparels are best suited to wear by people who have v-shape face. This face shape or line has also compatibility to wear any shapes of neckline. Therefore, if you want to have more advantage over the others you should try this Regen Cos mask, primarily the v-shape mask. The Regen Cos Mask also offers some of the most important beauty benefits such as: Whitening solution – This facial can provide you with about 91.5V sleek lines in your face at any angle. This will also help you clean your uneven and dark skin tone into a crystalized and bright skin. Moisturizing mask – Aside from achieving about 91.5 V silky lines in your face, it will help you moisturizes rough and dry skin. Pore solution – It is the best choice to clean your oily face caused by extreme sebum. It is also the best use to make your pores clear from dirt. Reduces wrinkles – If you want to be look younger and fresher, this should be the best choice. This Regen Cos mask contains distinctive ingredients that cater to give special benefits. Glacial Ikoma protein, Glycoprotein and Adenosine – This special nutrients can promote smooth and elastic skin. It will help you fight aging signs to keep your younger-looking skin. Calendula flower – Its extracted components prevents the excessive production of sebum particles. This will help you tighten reduction of pores and achieve total skin refinement. Mineral – This is rich with alpine water that keeps moisturizing skin. Niacinamide – It helps to give you lighter and glowing skin. Algae – Its extracts will help your skin to be calm and stress free. This will turn your dark skin into crystal-liked skin tone. Hyaluronic Acid – It helps to hold about 6000X moisturizing content. Aqua Acyl (extracted from Xylitol) – This is the best barrier of your skin from the dirt you may absorb in the environment. Halophyte – It helps to remove water retention and bloating. This will remove excessive water in your bulky face to give you a fabulous v-shape face. This will lead you have a 91.5 degree angles, the excellent measurement for a stunning appearance. If you want a mask that is free from mineral oils, colouring, alcohol and mineral oil you should use this Regen Cos mask. Allow the power of science and technology to be part of your skincare system. This revitalized mask guarantees to be clinically proven and highly recommended by the skincare institution. How effective it is? This skincare product has already conquered the world of showbiz industry. Most of the influential TV personalities have given their loyalty to the product. According to them the beauty product made an excellent change in their lives. One of the well-admired models in the showbiz industry is Miranda Kerr. She is now one of the newest Regen’s faces who assure its effectiveness. You can see it with her perfect face shape. The manufacturing factory is known to their passion, reliability and concern to the users and customers of the product. Tags: Etudehouse, Marykay, SK2, Innisfree, Tonyandmoly, sulwashoo, laneige, iope, hera , kose, shesido, clinique, shangpree, thefaceshop, collagen, ponyeffect, klarity