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reiki healing with anti negativity treatment 2 in 1


11 months ago by spiritual_mystikaz




due to many customers persuasion,we are now introducing reiki healing with crystals and sound energy its a healing art popular among western and japanese people that there only a handful of practioners in spore that provides these service and definitely its not cheap many wont analyze if the patient is having negative entities attached to their magic is done or the patient is having an ancestral curse.the reason that all these needed to be known is cause definitely it affects the chakras and the aura of the person...healing does not means in a physical or mental level but as spiritual level too...these 3 key factors helps an individual in overall well being reiki is a way to bring you to your true natural state and to align your 7 chakras and prana(life force) in you we be doing in both ways to ensure the individual reap the full benefits detect and to remove any negativity by our signature anti negativity treatment(meet up)if house or place of business is affected pls inform us do the reiki healing with crystal and sound energy(the person house) depending on the condition of each individual we can provide session by session treatment at a affordable rate which can be discussed methods and techniques would be given as well as to maintain the 7 chakras meditation would be taught, for male our male member would do the treatment and vice versa for female the whole session can last upto 2 hours and bookings is necessary for us to prepare ourselves payment is by bank transfer and picture of and d.o.b is required for aura reading and scanning to detect negativity/black magic or evil entities which would be known to you TAKE NOTE: vegetarian a day before the treatment not eat anything 4 hours before treatment 3.for people going through negativity is best to be vegetarian throughout 7 days and on the 8th day the reiki treatment would commence 4.wear light coloured clothes like white or yellow during treatment let us know if you are sensitive to aromatic oils and scents before hand 6.the payment is also inclusive for our travel to your place 7.follow our guided instructions throughout the whole treatment and relax deeply 8.once payment made any last minute cancellation would not be refunded 9.this is multi religious and available for anyone from all walks of life BENEFITS: 1.detection...removal and fencing from any negativity/suay/badluck 2.cleansing the aura and enhancing the natural radiant glow in the body 3.attunement and proper alignment of the 7 chakras 4.clearing the blockages in the blood stream 5.balancing the prana flow throughout body 6.clears toxins in the body 7.eases aches and pains of all types 8.increase energy and good mood 9.promotes good sleep 10.relieves stress/depression and hypertension 11.strengthens the immune system 12.relieves fatigue 13.soothes emotional trauma and disorders 14.relaxes the muscles 15.increase body natural self healing process 16.promotes peace and harmony 17.strengthens against diseases and illness of all kinds 18.reduction in any prevailing sickness and diseases 19.promotes positivity and focus thinking 20.helps to incline spiritually and easier to concentrate during meditation 21.reveals the hidden talent and true nature of oneself 22.can tap into the law of attraction which is natural and is within 23.also can enjoy the benefits the 7 chakras has to offer which is countless and many many more to experience hurry upto book your slots 2 in 1 only @ $288 inclusive of the items/travel charges and the various techniques provided with guidance cheapest in town!!!

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