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No Trade. No Bargain. No Discount. No Meet At Other Places Except Below Stated. ------------------------------- WOOD VINEGAR ✔Functions •Improves Blood Circulation •Dispels Harmful Wastes & Toxins •Relieves Strains & Aches •Improves Sleep •Directions To Use Is Stated On The Pack. ✔Applying during sleeping time, the sheet is discolored to brown by water supply force of wood vinegar powder in the next morning. It gives your feet a comfortable experience. The feet are incredibly soft and refreshed again, and you will be greeted a clean pleasant morning. ✔How to use 1. Apply on foot before sleep. First, clean the skin of feet. 2. Place the print surface of the sheet to the adhesive surface of the fixed pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet 3. Paste it into areas of the sheet in the back and stick onto the feet. 4. Remove in the morning. Use tissue or water to clear the skin. ------------------------------- ✔New. Expires 10/2019. ✔Price Stated : For 1 Pack Of 2 Pieces. ✔Meetup : Pinnacle, Cantonment Road Bus-Stop. Weekdays 7pm-9.30pm. Saturdays & Sunday Mornings. ✔Normal Mail : $1.

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Blk 1F Pinnacle@Duxton, Singapore

No Trade. No Negotiation. Meet At The Bus Stop.

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Buyer Pays Postage.

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