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Releathering Services All our cameras are personally & professionally leathered by our in house experts! We do not plainly, buy & resell! Thus, we would like to bring this service to our customers! If you happen to own an Olympus Trip 35 and would like have it releathered, mail it to us and we will proceed to releather it, do cleaning & maintenance before mailing it back to you. You can also opt to change your light seals if they have worn out! Price list (Olympus Trip 35): 1. Releather + Cleaning ($60.00) (inclusive of leather + registered mail back to you) 2. Replacement of light seals (+$10.00) We have an in house professional and tools to releather & clean old vintage cameras! We also have a wide range of colours for you to pick from! ----------------------------- We releather cameras for other models (charges might differ) as well, here is a list of available models: 1. Olympus Pen S 2. Olympus Pen EE / EES 3. Olympus Pen EE2 / EE3 / EES2 4. Olympus Pen D 5. Olympus Pen F / Pen FT 6. Olympus 35 DC 7. Olympus 35 SP 8. Canonet QL17 / QL17 GIII 9. Rollei 35 10. Minolta XD / XD-11 / XD-7 If you need releathering for other models, drop us a message and we'll let you know if it's available😊 I am a true fan of the cult classic Olympus Trip 35 and deeply believe that all should own one of these babies! They do not require batteries and function solely on power generated by the selenium cells. It is reasonably light, with some reminders of its primarily metal body that gives it a vintage solidity. The lens are remarkable and take extremely sharp images! When put in auto mode, the classic red flag pops up in situations of low or too much light (under/overexposure) and stops the camera from taking a badly composed shot. It is truly a photographers staple and I dedicate my time to source & refurbish these gems! --------------------------------- * we do not repair cameras we take no credit for pictures that are not taken by us! (pictures with no watermark) Tags: Leica film camera instax Canon AE-1 Nikon Olympus Pen Rollei Leica Pentax K1000 Minolta X-700 flash light seals SP F2 f-1 holga pen Polaroid Fujifilm instax film roll analogue film film film film film camera camera camera compact pinhole vintage Pentax K10000 rangefinder MP M6 35mm Contax iia Kodak Junior Canonet Nikon Kiev automati Manual flash Kodacolor Gold 200 Fujicolor c200 Colorplus ekta Natura Vista plus Afgaphoto Ultramax super is superpan rollei ilford pan 400 portra 160 Fomapan HP5 black and white film F1 yashica electro 35 Programme hi matic af2 compact disposable camera lens zoom 50mm Wide angle standard

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