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This earphone is Remax most high end series to date, made using world famous Knowles Audio Technology and earphone material is made of Kevlar fiber, which is the same material used to make bulletproof vest -Dynamic driver + balanced armature double pronunciation principle -Innovation physical acoustics, divide-frequency technology, low distortion rate -While Balance armature reflect the music details, dynamic driver input soft midrange and surging bass, Dual-driver reveals sound, restore rich music details -In order to pursue a more delicate sense of hearing, we put dynamic driver and balanced armature driver into one earphone to combine their advantage together, so that can emit a wider sound range, and more rich details -In order to show more delicate treble, We have adopted Knowles balanced armature driver. high sensitivity, better transient response. -Good resolution for high frequency sound. Small treble is not distortion -All-in-one smart wire remote control with MIC, throw complicated control, makes more convenient -Wire remote control microphone, clear phone call quality -Knit + Kevlar fiber wire, tensile and durable. Kevlar fiber as bulletproof material, has strong toughness, more tensile and resistant, effectively extending the using life 1 Colour Only ( Titanium )

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