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Fastest 4G+ (LTE advanced) network in Malaysia. Phone credit and data can be stored for 7days up to 2years! Packages depending on your preference and trip duration: 1) 5GB 4G+ network for 7days- $10 2) 5GB 4G+ network for 28days -$12 3) 10GB 4G+ network for 28days - $20 4) 20GB 4G+ network for 28days- $40 5) 20GB 4G+ network for 28days -$50 Not inclusive of talktime/voice credit. Renters who need talktime can purchase at additional charge. Mini talktime topup is RM5 Internet speed: JB - up to 10mbps KL - up to 50mbps No deposit is required for rental. But renters are required to provide full name and passport number for crime prevention purpose. Renters are not required to return the simcard after their vacation. The validity of the simcard can be extended for your next visit. Or you can just destroy it if unused ( because the simcard will be registered under your name). Delivery method: 1)mailing to Singapore or Malaysia residential address (+$1 for normal mail and +$3 for express mail) 2) mailing to Malaysia hotel or homestay address (follow Malaysia postage rate)

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Woodlands MRT Station (NS9), Singapore

Only on Tue/Wed/Thur 11am to 3pm

Mailing or Delivery

Registered mail: $3 Normal mail: $1, but seller will not be responsible for lost item or damage