Rent Vintage 70's Hippy Janis Joplin Retro Woodstock Theme Party Corporate D&D Bell Bottom Costume Clothes Halloween


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We are a trusted props supplier dealing in Authentic 60's & 70's costumes for advertising shoots, fashion photography, wedding photo shoots, production set ups, movies, musicals, school plays and corporate D&D events. All our items are from that actually time period and cannot be replicated . No china made mass produced inferior quality pre packed costumes here. Trust me when I say you don't want to dress up in some cheesy kids like costume for your corporate party or being seen in something cut out from the same mass produced cloth. Your image at work is your rice bowl so invest in it if you intend to attend a corporate party. Memories are priceless & who knows, most of our clients effortlessly even bag in the "Best Dressed" title and rope in the company's grand prize!!! Rent from us only if you do not wish to meet a walking replica in your event. We have loads of unique cool/iconic retro looks for both men and women. Send in your gender, size dimensions(in inches) & event dates when enquiring to allow us to check on availability. We have a central location in Scotts Road for easy pick up (outside any ERP gantry). Go to private chat and discuss with us our rates if you are a stylist, photographer, producer, film maker, visual merchandiser, from HR Department, Advertising Agency or just an individual looking to rent a unique costume/prop for a party. We are here to cater to your retro & period costume needs...all our apparels are professionally dry cleaned and in ready to wear condition.