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Let's face it. We don't actually need the car for the full 24 hours. So we came out with a solution. 12 hours rental. Half the price and save the parking charges for over night parking. We have two timing. Timing AM : 8.30am - 8.30pm OR Timing PM: 8.30pm - 8.30am Car : Honda Accord ; Toyota Altis Price : $40/ 12 hours. Same rate for weekends. Location to pick up and return : 1) Bukit Panjang 2) Pioneer $10 extra if need to send car. $10 extra if need to retrieve car. ( better to return to the location ) Terms: - Deposit of $250 hold for 2 weeks of last rental. ( To give us time to process any issues like Summons etc ) - Booking dates & time for the week. Payment in advance. - Return car 30 mins before time.( So the next renter don't have to wait long. Late charges will apply. - Fill up to full tank and maintain for each users. First come first serve basis. Invoice will be given. Please note that only upon payment than your booking is confirm.