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Renting or Selling your Cars/Vehicles ? Make them Smell Like NEW with Autaries (Available at all SPC Petrol Stations)


5 months ago by babypig99






For more Details and Promotion click below :- New Car Smell Make Possible available at all SPC Petrol Kiosks NOW !!! (Note : Do check with staff if cant find or revert to us. 100% available. Thanks) Wanna Make Your Car Smell Like New ? And Get Rid of Those Tough Smell like Durian , Cigarette Smoke, Pet Odor, Human Odor, etc ? Most of all, wanna give a pleasant ride everytime for your passenger ? Premium Car Perfume Make Used Car smell like NEW Get rid of cigarette smoke, fried fast food, otah, durian, foul smell, etc. Not just use any ordinary scent which only trying to mask it, get rid of it instead !!! No need to spend $100+ at workshop to clean up. DIY yourself , anytime, anywhere. Each bottle can perform up to 10 Total Clean Sessions (Savings up to $1,000 !!!!) Add value to your car, make you and your passengers feel great. Video - Instructions of methods provided inside package. For Total Car Clean Refresh Methods, can perform up to 10 Sessions !!! AX-3 : Smell like Clean New Car Again AX-8: Smell like New Car Leather Price is for each bottle is Usual S$20 30ml - Equivalent 200 sprays Do you miss that new car smell that filled your vehicle in the months following its purchase? Wanna get rid of hard to remove Durian Smell, Otach Smell, Smoking Smell, etc.... ? Made in the USA out of 100% VOC compliant ingredients and formulated to remove odors from your vehicle's upholstery - not just mask them - this spray is a car owner's best friend. Simply spritz it onto the carpeting or upholstered seating of your car, truck, SUV or RV whenever you are in need of a quick • CLEAN NEW CAR SMELL: You can now breathe in that new car smell without having to visit the dealership! • EFFECTIVE ODOR REMOVAL: Expertly formulated, this air freshener removes dingy odors from any space, especially your vehicle's interior cab. • HIGH QUALITY: Our freshening car spray is made in the USA out of top grade materials for quality assurance. • SAFE: The spray is also fully VOC compliant and water-based, which means that the mist poses no health risks. • MULTIPURPOSE: Use this scented spray any car, boat, truck, SUV, RV or camper to give it a boost of freshness. Feature *** VOC Compliant *** Eliminates odors and reduces new odors over time *** Spray smell last for weeks Where to Use ? Can be used at cars, boats, hotels, restaurants, outside, on carpets and upholstery, etc. When to Use ? 24/7 Anytime, Anywhere, DIY Yourself !!! Safe to Use ? The perfume is water-based and safe on all materials. The perfume is VOC Compliance as it is not volatile chemicals. Volatile chemicals can carry uncertain health risks which usually exist in paints, adhesives and cleaning supplies, etc. And to certain amount new car has it and also contribute to the smell. How to Use ? Full instructions in package. Method 1 :- Total Car Clean Method 2 :- Ad-Hoc Car Refresh 1. Spray at desired area , recommend not sun expose areas and non-direct visible (eg. On carmat, under or side of car seats, widow side, etc) 2. Spray 4-8 areas depends on your choice. #car scent #car perfume #volvo #audi #toyota #bmw #nissan #resell #autaries #uber #grab #rent #2nd hand #car #used car #motorbikes #motor #carcare #headlights #tires #shine #headlightsrestoration #cleanandclear #car #leather #leathercare #bag #used #resell #fragrance #perfume #aromatherapy #Wedding #Anniversary #Mothers' Day #Fathers' Day #Birthday #Valentine #New Year #Gift #Corporate #Office #Bedroom

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