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(42% Off) 4-in Natural Chicken Blood Stone Elephants at Factory Price #Caroupay 全天然的鸡血石大象-以厂商价大促销


1 year ago by xymeet








According to the old chinese saying, elephants (象)sound like xiang (祥)under the words expression 吉祥。 Ideal as semiprecious stone themed collection. Chicken-Blood stone is one of the most prized ornamental materials in China. It is considered a protection from evil and is believed to be even more powerful than jade. In Chinese tradition, the color red is symbolic of good luck. Thus the Chinese give red seals, or chicken blood stone, to bless people for events such as marriages, birthdays, promotions, and success The stone has eight basic colors, which blend or combine in different layers: red, black, white, yellow, green, blue, gray, and purple. It is primarily used in carvings and seals. Chicken-Blood tone is basically found in China. Approox size : 4 inches All measurements are based on the largest. Original price : $168 Offer price : $98(42% off) Wholesale or retail is welcome. We purchase our goods from factory directly in bulk, so that we can price at very competitive prices. Meet up / NM / RM Meet up at mrt along NEL prefer if purchase => $28. FOC for RM. Interested, you may chat with me。 根据古书的记载, 象和祥同音,代表吉祥。 最适合作为半宝石主题的收藏者。 鸡血石是中国最珍贵的装饰材料之一。它被认为是一种免受邪恶的保护,被认为比玉更强大。在中国传统中,红色是象征着好运气。因此,中国人给予红印或鸡血石,祝福人们参加婚姻,生日,促销和成功等活动。 鸡血石有八种基本颜色,混合或组合在不同的层次上:红色,黑色,白色,黄色,绿色,蓝色,灰色和紫色。它主要用于雕刻和印章。大致上,中国是发现鸡血石的唯一国家。 大约长度 : 4 寸 原价 : $168 特价 : $98 (扣42%) 批发或零售,一律欢迎。 我们从工厂直接选购,精心挑选,所以价廉物美。 可选择预约或邮寄。 预约以选择东北线的地铁站为佳,如果购买额 >=$28。 普通邮件免费,挂号信加$3。 有兴趣者,欢迎询问。

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