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Certified Type A Jadeite Display Grade A Myanmar 100% Natural Red Jade Prosperity Crab 八方来财


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A-grade jadeite, the highest quality, is used for jewelry and higher-priced carved pieces. It is not treated to enhance color or remove blemishes. • Length = 61mm • Width = 39mm • Thickness = 23.5mm • Weight = 62.90g • Treatment = None (No Enhancement) • Colour = Red • Cut = Excellent 3D Effect as shown in pictures • Country of Origin = China Craftsmanship with Myanmar (Burma/Burmese) Jadeite • Include = Zip Lock Bag, Type A Certificate • May Include = Free Nice Gift Packaging Bag upon prior request The Chinese word for crab (蟹) and the Chinese word for harmony (协) are both pronounced xie. The crab symbol is sometimes used on charms which express a desire for peace such as the large tian xia tai ping (天 下太平) charm shown at Peace Coins and Charms. The crab is also used to symbolize success in the imperial examination system. This is because the Chinese word for the crab's shell (jia 甲) has the additional meaning of "first" as in achieving the highest score in the examination to become a government official. 八方来财 is an idiom wishing people to get rich: Crab has 8 legs which symbolizes the eight directions of Zhengdong, Southeast, Zhengnan, Southwest, Zhengxi, Northwest, Zhengbei and Dongbei in China. Therefore, the meaning of this idiom is to say that wealth from all directions come towards you. This Pendant Display comes with Type A Certificate from renowned Guangdong Gemstones & Precious Metals Testing Center. You can check the authenticity of this pendant by scanning the QR Code printed on the Type A Certificate to be redirected to the Type A Certificate information online. You can also verified the authenticity of the Type A Certificate at the Testing Center official website printed on the Type A Certificate. Buy with full confidence. Full refund will be given for item returned in original unworn condition if there is any discrepancy in the material upon alternate authentication within 3 days of purchase. Please click on the link below to be redirected to my other exquisite listings:

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