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Restore Your Engine Performance - GAT Engine Purifier -


6 months ago by motoserv








GAT Engine Purifier After time engine oil becomes thick which is difficult to drain from the engine during a standard oil change.  After a standard oil change old oil deposits containing sludge, oxidation residues and dirt remain suspended in the oil system. When new oil is added to a contaminated engine the old oil deposit absorb all the goodness of the new oil which overtime causes your engine to wear quicker.  The Solution to this is to use GAT Engine Purifier before draining the old oil. GAT Engine Purifier starts to break down old chemical bonds formed in the oil between services allowing all old contaminated old to be drained from the engine during the oil change.  While GAT Engine Purifier is added to the oil system any accumulations of dirt & sludge in the oil system are dissolved by detergents in the product and are broken down into microscopic components then remain as liquid in the old oil. The dirt is encapsulated and bound to the old lubricating oil so that it is rinsed with the old oil out when drained from the engine. GAT Engine Purifier also cleans oil rings and compression rings therefore provides improved compression and increasing the life of the engine. Engine performance is restored, resulting in lower fuel consumption, less contamination in the catalyst from unburned oil and fuel residues and therefore a longer life of the catalyst. GAT Engine Purifier is suitable for use in all diesel and petrol engines with or without turbocharger. It neutralises aggressive residues from the combustion process and reliably dissolves operationally caused contamination and resin formations in the complete oil system which can then easily be removed with the used oil during the oil change. GAT Engine Purifier contains highly effective anti-friction lubricants that reliably protect the engine during the cleaning process.  Benefits Only a clean engine can run on full power! Easy to use – no extra effort. It removes lastingly deposits and residues in the upper cylinder area e.g. from piston rings, annular gaps, hydraulic valve lifter and valve train. The results are a considerably improved and stable compression in all cylinders. Fuel and oil consumption as well as wear and tear are reduced.  Less harmful exhaust emissions support the environment and extend the life span of the catalytic converter Avoids recontamination of the fresh oil with residues and deposits of the used oil Does not contain environmentally harmful chlorine paraffins Application Add to the oil system before every oil change Let the engine idle for approximately 15 to 20 minutes Carry out the oil change according to the manufacturer's instructions  - 300ml is sufficient for 5L oil - For larger capacities, add 60ml per liter of oil  - Product can be disposed of as waste oil

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