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📺 Very popular way in the U.S for reminiscing the way we play games in the past be it arcades or video game consoles. System is built from scratch with a raspberry pi board with casing and memory card to emulate all time favorite video games that you have missed or played in the past! 🕹More than 6000+ games built-in with ability to expand more if you know how. Game list: Plug in your own existing PS3, PS4, XBOX controller or any USB controllers to have a gaming party with families and friends in this coming holiday and festive season! 🎊🎉 Comes with: - Raspberry Pi 3 (RS made in UK) - Sandisk 32gb microSD card - Power Adapter 2.5mah - Universal adapter to fit local sockets - HDMI 1.5m long cable. Free installation provided at your location 🛠 Comes with 6 months warranty. Limited set available!

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