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So it started when I was a user of this software, and there is no U-turn. My last appointment was the IT head of this group that owns Pastamania, Swissbake and many other subsidiaries. By chance we have to test out all iPad based POS and after a series stringent testings, only Revel survives. The rest of the iPad based solution can't take the stress and either crashed or frozen during the operation. Back then, we only tested about 100 transactions across 2hr. Today, we have F&B merchants with more than 1000 transactions per day and multiple chains using Revel. Revel iPad POS didn't even blink or give any single problem. We have merchants using Revel's one license all modules policy to manage their central kitchen operation and transfer stocks to their outlets for sale. We also have retailers using Revel to manage their store operations and inventory, all through the cloud and what they need is just a mobile device to have a full control of their business. Given the right experience in F&B, grocery and retail industries, I have help many merchants optimise their operations through technologies and increase revenue significantly. I remove their pain and give them a peace of mind when it comes to technologies vs operations. Join the group of happy merchants that converted their POS from Casio , Micros , Edgework , Raptor , ePoint , Cuscapi , infrasys , agilysis , NuPOS and soon ePOS, iCHEF and many more. Common feedback from our happy merchants : 1. We are very FAST in responding and resolving issues, most of the time, within minutes over WhatsApp 2. Our price is very transparent and reasonable, merchants know exactly what they are paying for 3. We always strive for reducing the learning curve for existing staffs to switch over to the new system, so there is a smooth transition period 4. Revel is just too simple to use and even senior citizen staffs could pick up within minutes of training If you wish to find out more, feel free to secure an appointment with me over tea to explore your journey in bringing your business to the next level !

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