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I M The Queen Face Mask! (065) 40g $49 Back instock AGAIN after highly sought after in June! Superb Tightening and minimising pores effect! Super Rich of COLLAGEN, super anti aging and anti sagging skin no more! No wonder it's everyone's favourite mask! Lolx.... Don't be shocked again when u heard my age, u can store ur youth too with this Queen mask. I'm currently on this mask with a silky mask on top almost everyday and everyday madly spraying those pure plants/flowers water dews 🙊 You wana look younger than ur actual age? Then u must not miss out this queen mask and those water dews!!!!! Effectively prevent facial skin sagging, face-lift, firming, eventually leaving u a V shape face! It also greatly tightened pores, even fine lines and wrinkles.... all very very good effect, a mask which you MUST HAVE to make you feel like a QUEEN! Look at the Queen Mask paste! Look so delicious 😋 and a very mild soothing scent which makes u feel relaxing.... Effects: Anti-Wrinkle, Tightening, Improved skin texture And especially pore tightening..... Contents: Plant vitamins, lotus leaf, oolong tea solution, barley, citric acid, papaya enzyme, collagen.... Directions: After facial cleanser--->toner--->(*for those that had got the Hyaluronic Acid essence from me, apply it till like 80% absorbed)---> this Queen Mask---> (*if u had got the silky mask from me or any other sheet/paper masks u have, or use the compressed mask sheets included, soak it with ur toner/liquid lotion, then overlap it on top of this Queen Mask for best results, Recommended step), after 20-30mins---> removed the used silky mask, sheet/paper mask to wipe away the remaining Queen Mask on ur face---> wash off the leftover mask just with water lightly---> continue with ur skincare routine..... Alternative, can just apply more amount of Queen Mask then leave it to fully dry and peel off then very lightly wash off with water and continue with ur skincare routine. Queen Mask has very nice mild soothing scent, texture is in very thick sticky paste. When applying this Queen Mask, remember to stroke upwards, for better lifting and pore tightening effect. Brand: ShoppingGuru Tang’s Type: Masks & Treatments

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