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This is a top-of-the-line single dynamic driver IEM, by Rhapsodio in HK. Do not be misled by the number of drivers, as a full-range single driver has immense advantages (e.g., no crossover and coherency issues) over multi-BAs. Rhapsodio is a relatively unknown (boutique) brand that I discovered a few years back. The boss (Sammy) has been known to provide excellent customer service for his products. The Galaxy (v1; USD1200) has a metal housing and that helps a lot in the lovely sound it produces. The Galaxy pairs well with the Rhapsodio RSD silver Mk3 cable (price: USD450; see Rhapsodio picture of cable), with infrared connectors. Currently, the cable is terminated with Hirose 6-pin for my iBasso amp, but I can change it back to original 3.5mm or to a 2.5mm plug if you prefer. The cable is not microphonic, and brings clarity to a near level without making it sibilant. With this cable, Sammy (the boss) prefers it over to the newer version. He was the one who recommended me the synergistic match. This pair has been used since Feb 2016, and generally in a case when on the move. However, given the soft aluminum case (not plastic!), there are some scratches on the exterior. Exterior looks like 8.5/10, but the unit is working 100% perfectly. It comes with carrying box and circular aluminum case, as seen in SanMan's review on Head-fi. See for more reviews of this IEM, and the associated thread in Head-Fi. I am selling because I do not have much time with this IEMs nowadays as I am listening to speakers most of the time. Thus, I thought of letting go for this treasure at a reasonable price to someone who can appreciate and will use it. I will be trying the local market for a limited time to avoid shipment and Paypal troubles. If no takers, then I will list on Head-fi. So contact me if you are interested, but low-ballers will be ignored. Not available for audition, sorry! Test it when dealing, but no returns or refunds after dealing.

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Taqbin delivery can be arranged at additional cost (~$5).