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Rian Bai Pho Phra Phuttha Sothorn Nur Alpaka B.E 2506. Mass Chanted Wat Sothorn Wararam.


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There were plenty legends about the efficacy and miracle happenings of Phra Phuttha Sothorn also known as Luang Phor Sothorn. Many Thais knew that if you wish to gain wealth and enhance your career you should worship Phra Phuttha Sothorn. This is because it would bestow prayers wishes to gain extra cash. Therefore, many businessmen would worship Phra Phuttha Sothorn. Praying to Phra Phuttha Sothorn sincerely could make you obtain wealth, prosperity and protection. In early stage, surrounding area of Wat Sothorn was very remote and there were only few people living there. The traffic was inconvenient too. After enshrining the Phra Phuttha Sothorn, people living on the water believed that praying wishes to Phra Phuttha Sothorn could make their business become smooth. Some believed that the river water in front of Wat Sothorn was holy water. They would drink the water and used it to wash their body and face when they rowed boats to Wat Sothorn. When someone fell sick, they also prayed to Phra Phuttha Sothorn to get protection. Phra Phuttha Sothorn had granted all the wishes for them and to be success. Prayers would always have votive celebration to Phra Phuttha Sothorn. It was said that there was a period of time where famine occurred in the village of Wat Sothorn. Drought occurred and had not rain for long period. Seedlings withered and smallpox disease infected. Many people and children died. Many of the them gave up their home property and ran away. Those who couldn’t run away could only stay there and faced death. That time an old man was infected by smallpox disease and he had no one to look after him. He asked for protection from Phra Phuttha Sothorn. He received an incense ash, a dried worship flower and scripture water from there and cooked all the 3 things together to drink and wash his whole body. His sickness was healed later. He conducted a votive activity delightly. His story was spreaded and people had come to pray and worship Phra Phuttha Sothorn. Now we can see there are many street vendors selling lottery around Wat Sothorn and many devotees are queuing up to make appointments for votive dance to Phra Phuttha Sothorn. It is said that there are many devotees who came to worship Phra Phuttha Sothorn who impromptuly bought one or two lotteries outside the temple would come here again driving luxury cars to arrange the votive dance. They would also donate money to Wat Sothorn to express gratitude. A Thai tea dealer said that his agent would come to donate fifty thousands bahts to the temple every month. He would feel uncomfortable if he didn’t go. He believed that his business is getting better and stable through Phra Phuttha Sothorn’s gift. Therefore he is willing to join and sponsor in every activity. Amulet encased in waterproof Thai gold casing. Ready to wear. Please Whatsapp/SMS/Call @ +65 9851 7950 for more details and price. All amulets sold are not refundable or exchangeable unless proven fake in Samakom Competition.

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