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Rian Lersi Phor Gae Yod Nam (water drop) Kanook Kang (Fiery feathers on both sides) Lang Yant Kru (his famous 5 element yant behind)


1 year ago by mon.lim.3








Wai Kru (拜师) batch of LP Mee Wat Munwichai Be2540. This is of Gelaithong material (copper gold plated). Functions of Lersi is protection against dangers, black magic etc metta, luck and obtained help when needed. Wai Kru is the largest annual event of a master who on this day, gather disciples together to pay respects to the past masters of the lineage which he learn from and is also a day which the master will invite the Kru from above down to bless the amulets together with the master to enhance and further empowered it. Not to mention, also a day which Lersi Krop Sian is done (many shops in shop just do it as often and is a wrong practice as Krop Sian is only done once a year during the Wai Kru which is the biggest day which the Kru is being invited to come). LP Mee was the disciple of Luang Phor Parn from Wat Bangnomkho, Luang Phor Chong from Wat Na Tang Nok, Luang Phor Chaem from Wat Tagong, Luang Phor Kob of Wat Kao Salika and Luang Phor Opasri of Wat Arsom. In Thai language, 'Mee' means 'Have'. Short Biography for those who are new to LP : Luang Phor Mee is a famous Keji Ajarn hailing from Wat Manwichai in the province of Ayuttaya. He received visha knowledge from 2 of Thailand greatest gurus of all time, Luang Phor Parn of Wat Bangnomkho and Luang Phor Chong of Wat Natangnok who happened to be close friends. LP Mee a close disciple of LP Parn, assisted in the making of LP Parn's famous Somdej for 3 years & was subsequently imparted the magical knowledge from LP Parn himself. Luang Phor Mee is highly proficient in his knowledge of Metta, Visha and Vipasana meditation. LP Mee also learnt from other gurus like Luang Phor Jong, Wat Natangnok, Luang Phor Orpasee, Luang Phor Cham of Wat Takong as well as Luang Phor Kob of Wat Tamkao. Luang Phor Mee applied the great knowledge from his 2 teachers in creating amulets which explains for his highly efficacious amulets. Many reports covering stories of success and positive experiences linked to the wearers of his amulets including his Phayants and lockets. Among the experiences, most notable reports are of Kong Grapan (invincibility) & Metta Maha niyom (Great attraction & popularity) There is a true story which LP Pern actually direct a devotee to look for LP Mee after he tried to extract black magic from him after many attempts. LP Pern highly respected LP Mee for skills and believe he can do and as instructed, the devotee headed to find LP Mee and as what LP Pern predicted, LP Mee resolved it and get it resolved. Luang Phor Mee passed away on 26th Jaunary Be2543 at the age of 89yrs old and til date his date is not decayed and still keep in a glass coffin and temple with hair and nails growing as he is alive. A phenomenon for masters who had attain level of Arahang levels.

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