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retail price $400 letting go at $200 preschool education books for children (KINDERGARTEN/ TODDLER) focus on teaching high frequency words, sight words and phonics! --> key to good early readers 🌟🌟 same publisher as Joy Reader series 1st pic: 4 sets (Level 1,2,3,4 Early) 11 books in each set 2nd pic: whole collection of 44 books in total 3rd pic: - condition practically new except the brown marks on the cover of a few books only - other than that, inside of the book is close to perfect condition - FREE audio narrated CD for selected books - whole set comes with the edventure books bag (condition so-so) -- dealing options -- only self collection at Balestier -- Information on the series -- • award reading sequential guided reading series • carefully levelled fiction and non-fiction books for developing readers • 3-7 year olds • cover a wide range of genres that can be used as models for writing • clear visual cues to support the text • sequentially organised to build on high-frequency words, sight vocabulary and phonics introduced in previous level