Rock Melon seeds/seedlings for sale! (New batches)


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Wanted to grow your own organic Rock Melon at home? It's an easy and fun activity where you plant your melons, watch them grow and harvest them. Limited number of Rock Melon seeds and seedlings are now available. This plant is easy to take care, can be grown in containers and pots (though better to plant in the ground or big pot) and yet can still flower and bear fruits as our weather here is suitable for its growth. But they need to be staked to provide support to the winding and weak stems. (and also to support the fruits) The fruit is juicy and sweet though smaller in size as ideally they should be planted in the ground and needed a large area for the plants and roots to expand. You can consider getting the sprouted seedlings or just the seeds (i.e. from Honduras, Australia or China) where you sow on your own. The price will be different as the former requires a pot and my self made compost/fertilizer but not the latter. And the seeds are 100% in successful germination. I also have limited seeds/seedlings (unless sold) of Strawberry, Kiwifruit, Rock and Water melons, Dragon Fruit (White and Purple), Mulberry, Custard Apple (Purple), Chilli Padi, Lime, Lemon, Corn, Persimmon, Apple, Pear, Yellow Pomelo, Mandarin Orange, Star Fruit, Tomato, Wolfberry, Curry Leaves, Pandan Leaves, Hibiscus, Blue Pea, Rose, Chrysanthemum etc. Do check them out on my earlier posts here or PM me as I am not able to list all here. Interested parties, please PM me for more info. Please also follow me and go through my listing for other items that you maybe interested in. :) Collection: Upp Paya Lebar/Lor Ah Soo (Reference map to be provided if required)