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Amulet: Roop Lor Luang Pu Thuad Lor Boran Monk: LP Ruay Temple: Wat Tako Year:2556 Material: Nur Nawa with Nur Phong Puthakun, LP Ruay’s Hair/Monk Robe & Silver Takrut Roon: Cha Long Luang Ruay 92nd Birthday Batch Remarks: One of the popular batch of Luang Phor Ruay which is categorized under Samakom Competition. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Description: This batch of Luang Pu Thuad Phim Bert Lohk was consecrated by and chanted by Luang Phor Ruay on 9th December 2013 when it is near Luang Phor Ruay 92nd-year-old birthday. This batch was consecrated for the purposes of giving it to the army, police authorities and government service sector for protection. It was consecrated using Nur Phong Puthakun, Hair/Monk's robe of Luang Phor Ruay & also a silver takrut inserted at the base of the Luang Pu Thuad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good for Metta Maha Niyom, Chok Larp, Protection from Death/Evil & Good for ppl doing sales and business. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow us on our Facebook Page @ XvThaiAmuletsSales Gallery or Http:// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like us on Facebook Page@ XvThaisAmuletsSale Gallery ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do add me to my Facebook account to see more of my updated collection@ Fong Yow Kon 100% Refund if any amulets rented are proven fake in Samakom Organized Competition No Reserve of amulets unless deposit is given First come first serve basis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We provide add-on services like waterproof casing, Silver Casing, Silver Longya Casing, Customized Silver Casing,70%,80%, 90% Thai Gold, Gold Longya & Customized Gold Casing Services available @ reasonable surcharge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interested parties kindly please add me to Whatsapp @+66951047316/or Facebook private message@ Fong Yow Kon

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