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Roop Lor Somdej Prah Chao Taksinmaharat Chao Khun Sri Wat Suthat 2493


11 months ago by niyomsiam








RARE Roop Lor Somdej Prah Chao Taksinmaharat with special code Chao Khun Sri Wat Suthat 2493 - Awarded 2 placing in Major Samakom Competition - In excellent condition with gold which is more popular than the normal - Can be place on a stand on alter or wrapped and worn - Made using pour mold method (traditional) not factory produced - Made using broze mixed with tarkruts, metal yants and old Buddha statues - For wish granting and business/sales BIO Phra Kring Jaturongkamunee, B.E.2490, Chao Khun Sri (Sonti), Suthat Temple Phra Mongkol Rachamunee or "Chao KhunSri (Sonti)", Suthat Temple (17th July B.E.2446 - 16th January B.E.2495) Phra Mongkol Rachamunee's previous name was Sonti Pongkrawee. He was born on 17th July B.E.2446, at Banpawai Sub-District, Phra Buddhabat District, Saraburi. His father named "Suk". His mother named "Thongdee". He was the 6th of 11 children in family. When he was 11, his father died and his mother brought him to study with Phra Boon, Suthat Temple. When he was 13, he ordained as a novice. On April, B.E.2459, he moved to Klang Bangkaew Temple, Nakorn Chaisri District, Nakorn Pathom in the governed of Phra Buddhawiteenayok (Luang Poo Boon), the ecclesiastical provincial governor of Nakorn Pathom. On B.E.2460, he went back to Suthat temple. At Suthat Temple, he studied Tripitaka and Dhamma discipline. On B.E.2466, he ordianed as a monk. Phra Prommunee (Later, the Supreme Patriarch (Pae Dissatevo)) was a preceptor. He was named "Yatitaro". He studied many subjects, for example, ancient medicine, horoscope and incanation. On 1st March B.E.2481, he was titled as "Phra Sri Satjayanmunee". On 8th December B.E.2493, his title was enhanced to "Phra Mongkol Rachamunee". He died on 16th January B.E.2495 due to tuberculosis, at the age of 50. He learned how to make Phra Kring (Rimging amulet) from the Supreme Patriarch (Pae). Many Phra Kring made by him are well-known and have strong demand in amulet community.

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