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Rose + Lemonbalm Body Scrub Exfoliator


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Rose tightens and soothes skin, with calming properties to reduce spots, redness, fine lines like wrinkles. Clear pores and hydrate skin. Lemonbalm is rich in antioxidants due to the caffeic and ferulic acid levels. Cleanses clogged skin pores which paves way to acne and skin rashes, treats skin inflammation with its strong natural astrigents, thus especially beneficial to oily and acne prone skin. Ingredients: Argan, Rosehip, Grapeseed, Vitamin E and relevant essential oils, Aloe Vera, Sea salt, Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, Lemonbalm, Dried Rose buds and flakes $10.90 EACH. Size & Specifications Material: Glass Capacity/Volume: 100ml Height: 7 cm Diameter: 5.7 cm Calibre: 5.2 cm — Care Instructions • Close scrub jar tightly after each use. • Scrub might naturally separate, some more rapidly than others, and the oil might sink to the bottom over time (but it is really okay, it is natural). Just stir the scrub until it mixes back up. • For the freshness and prevention of “spoiling”, scoop out desired scrub into a bowl and bring that into the shower with you. If water gets into your scrub, it might change its state. • If your scrub hardens, use a strong spoon to break it up. Once it touches your wet skin, it will soften. • As some of the ingredients are fresh, please refrigerate after use. • Toss your scrub if the smell has gone rancid. Application for Use • Wet skin with warm water (in shower or over a sink), and stay out of stream of water. • Take some scrub – from a dime sized amount to a small handful, up to your desire. Work it between your hands, you can add a touch of water to soften the scrub. • Work on skin in a circular motion. Give extra love to drier skin, or places you want to focus on. • You can scrub for as little or as long as you like, for your desired level of exfoliation. • Rinse off and pat dry! (I know it might feel disturbing at times because as you rinse off, your skin feels oily, but feel it again after patting dry! Your smoothness is much different from your normal smoothness, feeling all nourished and enriched kind of smooth.)

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Body Exfoliator


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2019 Jul

seller replied fast. knowing I need the items for weekend and specially deliver to me. thank you for the freebies as well! will purchase when I need more!