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ROTEL Power Amp - Limited time promotion! (Further reduction!)








We encourage users purchasing high-value items to meet and verify their purchases at a safe place. — Carousell Admin

ROTEL RMB-1512 High End 12-Channel Power Amplifier Retail - $3750; Selling - $2800; $2588; $2288 Final! Specially ordered from local distributor The Experts Group! - 12 Channel Power amplifier! 200Watts x 12 per channel: 4 Ohms 100Watts x 12 per channel: 8 Ohms Excellent multi-channel Power Amplifier in Excellent condition! Very rare in the market. Well known brand - ROTEL! No longer do you need to purchase several large amplifiers to obtain a high performance multizone audio system. The RMB-1512 features an advanced Class D design that provides plenty of power (12 x 100 watts into 8 ohms) for the most demanding multizone audio systems, but never runs the danger of overheating itself or other electronic components placed in the same vicinity. The RMB-1512 features everything needed for remote operation and custom installation including 12 volt trigger signal sensing, input bussing, sum-to-mono, buffered link output, front panel attenuation control, five-way binding posts and screw terminals. Not only that you can use it for multizone, but this powerful amp can also do bi-amping 3 pairs of speakers running stereo!.. This enable you to listen to more speakers running stereo at the same time!.. This power amp is ideal for both home theatre or audio enthusiast. Very flexible usage for both! Reason for selling is because CO directing to reduce my hifi due to my active 1 yr plus baby and another baby coming soon.. This set is pretty new in tip top condition with manual but no box. Only about 2 years plus. ALL connection parts still shining! (see pic to believe). It is the current model and still selling at The Experts Group with retail price $3,750. But was informed buyer got to wait 2 to 3 months because it is not readily available locally. So why wait, when you can get it from me immediately and item in mint condition. 9.5/10! Collect at my place in Woodlands. It is pretty heavy. Item is very rare in the market especially a 12 channel amp made by Rotel! Quick hand quick foot will get it! First come, first serve. No reservation, please. Slight negotiable for serious buyer. May consider for a trade with Accuphase or Bel Canto amp since I am reducing my speakers to only a pair of stereo. Contact me at 9299 1323. 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The buyer was very nice and pleasant to deal with and was transaction was completed swiftly as the buyer was decisive it was a pleasant experience dealing with the buyer! Highly recommended!