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Rubik's cube collection


Clementi MRT Station (EW23)


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I quit cubeing and selling my collection now Yuxin kylin v2-10 Congs design mei ying-10 Penrose cube-10 Yan 3 -13 Yue xiao pro-15 Pyraminx duo-10 Senhuan zhang kang 2x2(magnetic)-15 Mgc 3x3 v1-12 Mgc 3x3 v2-14 Mgc 2x2-12 Vulcano pyraminx-18 Moyu aolong v2-15 Moyu aolong v1-13 Rubiks clock-10 Mirror 2x2-10 Yj rainbow cube-10 Rubiks magic-6 Limited edition sheng shou world cup 2x2 ball-15 Ghost cube-20 Mojue m3-12 Gts3m-30 Yuxin little magic(boron treated)sticked-12 Shengshou kilominx-12 2x2 ghost cube-12 Sheng shou gem 3x3-7 Old rare original rubiks 3x3-12 Moyu redi cube(black)-13 Moyu gts2m-20 Moyu geo cube -10 Valk power -20 Ghost floppy cube-5 Floppy cube-6 Rare transformers cube 3x3 -15 Qiyi skewb-7 Keychain 3x3 by qiyi-5 Devil's eye cube-7 Qiyi magnetic pyraminx-10 Penrose keychain puzzle-4 Mini Rubiks cube with no corners-5 Mf3rs-6 Mf3rs 2-10 Mf3rs3-12 Qiyi warrior-5 Shengshou pearl-10 Qiyi 2x2x3-10 Dayan zhanchi-5 Axis cube-7 Old original rubiks 4x4 -10 Newer rubiks 4x4-9 Skweb extreme -12 Siamese cube-10 Dino cube-10 Fisher cube-10 Xman sculpted megaminx-15 Pyramorphix-10 Megamorphix-12 Pyraminx duo diamind-10 Moyu crazy fisher cube-10 Xman wingy skewb-12 Yuxin huanglong 3x3-20 Mohuanshoushu chu feng 3x3-10 Cutter cube-10 Moyu fisher skweb-10 Gan 249 v2 -12 Valk 3-15 Qiyi thunderclap-10 Yj chilong-5 Moyu liying-5 Shengshou 6x6-10 Gan 356 s master(white)-15 Cyclone boys 5x5-12 Yuxin little magic stickerl3ss-5 Cyclone boys 2x2-6 Original dayan 2x2white-14 Windmill cube-10 Qiyi budget 4x4-10 Qiyi wuque-20 Qiyi ivy cube-5 Fangcub ball in a cube 3x3-15 Cube for u 3x3c7 cube-12 Qiyi square 1-7 Lanlan void cube-5 3x3x5-10 Gear cube-10 Gear shift-8 Kungfu long yuan-5 Dayan xiang yun-15 Whole collection for 400(negotiateable) all the cubes have been set up and turn well Msg me for more pics Prices are negotiable and will have discounts when bought in bulk

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