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Rules And Regulations Before Engaging Our Service(UPDATED)


1 year ago by spiritual_mystikaz




Before engaging our service Pls take note that before service -dont feel then dont pay for energisation of jinns/companions/entities etc. -dont need to trust us but trust our items and thats when it works and does wonders in your life -if you think we are not genuine and whether the items would work then arrange a appointment with us for 1-1 training of scanning items for energy percentage/knowing whether the item have entities or not/differentiating energies and confidence training if you really not afraid of the unseen -respect our items -for things to work , whatever mantra and instructions we give , follow it with full trust and do the self rituals -we are always open to your questions.feel free to ask questions before taking.. Not after taking.. -understand what you are taking and how it works before buying from us -individually energies from our items takes little or more time to co-ordinate with your own energies so have patience and just dont jump to conclusion its not working...if u lose confidence is as simple as losing your money but confidence can be built over time so come to us if only u have patience -dont tell us stories about others who cheated or con you out of your money and claim to us you want more cheaper or even free saying that you want to make sure we are genuine.we are not doing charity as we take more time to make sure our items work -never ask us to check or scan items that you bought from others as we ourselves would not trust you with our items as its simple as disrespecting the item and yourself not having the confidence in it -share a bond with the items or entities as they too have a life in them instead just asking and being greed with the properties and benefits -meditation is the key for every spiritual individual so if you aim high and think just by swallowing only some pills or have an entity with you,you can become advance and great then you are very wrong -its always best to check ownself as in why or what went wrong by the entities not helping you instead of giving up and seeking others and spending money again -those who have been and is still with us did have the patience and willing to learn attitude thats why they are now also doing spiritual services so patience is a key to spirituality so make your cup empty and absorb new knowledge instead of sharing fantasy stories with us and wasting time -for those who needs help only also have to be dedicated and have confidence...we provide guidance so no need to worry but must follow our instructions carefully pertaining to their wish and must be upfront and honest with the true wish you are looking for -

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