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Price Revised. First Come, First Serve. -Rxz Caty Sideboard $30 -Rxz Caty Front Signal Lights with wire connections $10 -Rxz Tail light with bracket & wire connections $30 -Rxz Caty Pillion handle $10 -125Z Pillion Handle $10 -Pair of Pillion Footpad $10 -Rxz Front Axle $10 -Y3 Block [ 1.25 ] with Cylinder Head. (Both items warped already. Warped = Uneven point of contact at which block n head meet. ) $150 -Rxz Caty Head Cowling Bracket $10(SOLD) -Rxz Left Handle Bar $10(SOLD) -Racing Boy Disc brake $30(SOLD) -IU Bracket $5 (SOLD) -Chain Guard $10 (SOLD) -TZM throttle $9 (SOLD) -Rxz Meter,Local $50 (SOLD) -Rxz Caty Headlight $5 (SOLD) -Rxz Caty Head Bubble $5 (SOLD) -Brake lever for Rxz $2 (SOLD) -Tank Cap with Key $5 (SOLD)

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