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Updated As 19/12/17 ^_^ MapleStory SEA Aquila Server ✌️ Clean Stats => 3m-3.4m Clean Full Buff => 12m-13m Range πŸ’πŸΌ All Link Skills Needed πŸ‘ Damage Skin - Worth Mentioning -Demonic Damage Skin -Keyboard Warrior Damage Skin -Puss In Loots Damage Skin -Jelly Bean Damage Skin -Road To Extinction Damage Skin Arcane Symbol Level 12 Nameless Level 16 Chew Chew(Can Solo Carry Hard ChewChewPQ) Level 8 Lacheln(Dream Breaker Stage 55) 460 AF 4600Luk V-Matrix -Level 50 Phantom Blow -Level 50 Asura -Level 50 Sudden Raid -Level 35 Final Cut -Level 35 Blade Fury -Level 35 Hidden Blade -Level 23 Ultimate Dark Sight -Level 25 Blood For Blood -Level 25 Blade Storm -Level 25 Karmic Fury With 2 Sets Of @cash πŸ‘ -Pandora Package -Kagemusha Package -Messenger Package -Maple Noble Set(12th Anniversary Event Cash Items) With Inner Ability -20% Bossing Damage 😎😎 -Not Worth Mention -Aimming For Item Drop Rate 20% / 30 Wa / Buff Duration 50% / Critical Rate 35% With 3 Mileage Pet 😻 -White & Grey & Black Cat & Pumpkin Pet All Boss Can Solo Except(Haven’t Tried 12/12/17) -Lucid -Damien -Lotus *Normal Boss Can Be Soloed Either 1 Skill / 10Seconds* πŸ‘πŸ‘ *Chaos Root Abyss Can Be Done In 1Min or Less* Chairs - Worth Mentioning -Lucid Chair -Giant Pepe Chair -Pink Bean Chair -4 Root Abyss Chair Total Level : 6015Maple Union Total Damage : 121 million In Maple Union Offer Me<3 Type: Others Version: Computer

Deal Options



When Both Buyer And Seller Free(flexible)

Mailing or Delivery

Bank Transfer / Meet Up Cash