Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Organic SPF95 Sunscreen


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Offering double protection from the sun and jelly fish stings.Safe Sea SPF 95 is an organic sunscreen offering higher UV protection . It is very water resistant sunblock which can last up to 80 minutes of aquatic activities. Contains antioxidants such as vitamin B E and bioplasma-FA a plankton extract with patent sting inhibitors which improves the skin's hydration and have anti-aging and anti-stress properties. SPF 95 100ml • Clinically tried and tested at universities and hospitals • Protects against jelly fish and sea lice stings • UVB / UVA protection • Very water resistant • Suitable for sensitive skin • Organic Paraben- Free Perfume-free and Preservative-free •Water-in-oil emulsion •Contains Important antioxidants such as vitamin B and E and plankton extract • Sea and coral protection , won't harm Ocean Direction • Apply generously 15min before sun exposure • Reapply after 80mins of swimming or sweating • Reapply immediately after towel dry • Reapply at least once every 2 hours Other Information • Give particular attention to coverage of hands and leg • In water infested by Sea Lice .Safe Sea should also be applied under the bathing suit • Jellyfish can be dangerous . This product should not be considered a recommendation to go into jelly fish infested area nor it is a guarantee against stings • In case of stings, do not use Safe Sea as a treatment , seek for medical help • Protect this product from excessive heat and direct sun • Tested against Sea Nettle(Chrysaora). Atlantic box jelly fish (Chiropsalmus) & Rhopilema

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