*SALE!!!!* Lava Cable Piston Solder-Free Kit '6 Pack' (12 RA plugs / 5 feet Black Lava Mini ELC) - 10% OFF!


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Lava's high end premium cable kit is here! and on sale at 10% off! The Lava Piston™ Right Angle Solder-Free Plug has been designed to be the smallest possible profile hex set-screw type right angle plug for the music industry. The small size lets you squeeze more things on your pedalboard! Designed exclusively to with work with the world renowned Mini ELC™ cable, these innovative plugs make it easier than ever before to make patch cables for pedal boards and racks. Simply measure, (of course the golden rule, measure twice, cut once), cut, screw and you're all set! This kit includes: 5 Feet of the Mini ELC Cable (Black) 12 Right Angle Piston Plugs Hex Wrench