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Samsung LCD Screen Display Crack Spoil Motherhood Repair



🔥No Need Appointment,No need waiting 🔥 Location:AMK Ave4 Blk631 01-940(S560631) Opening time:10am-11:00pm (everyday) Call or WhatsApp :93898769 to get 👍👍👍👍fastest response 👍👍👍👍👍 Pls click here to WhatsApp us: SG trusted iPhone Repair since 2008 ✴ Free diagnosis ✴ Nett prices ✅ Reasonable prices ✅ Original grade parts ♥️ Walk ins welcomed! Show listing or repair quote to technicians at shop 👍NO Need Appointment👍 🔥No Need Waiting 🔥 ✈️On the Spot 15 mins Express Repair ✈️ ⬇️Whole LCD Replacement/LCD Spoil ⬇️ $135-A30 $135-A50 $165-A70 $120-A7 2018 $130-Samsung S6 $130-Samsung S7 $180-Samsung S7 edge (LCD+Housing) $190-Samsung S8 (LCD+Housing) $210-Samsung S8 Plus (LCD+Housing) $225-Samsung S9 (LCD+Housing) $230-Samsung S9 Plus (LCD+Housing) $310-Samsung S10 (LCD+Housing) $330-Samsung S10 Plus (LCD+Housing) $290-Huawei Mate20 Pro (LCD+Housing) $310-Huawei P30 Pro (LCD+Housing) $170-Huawei Mate20 $155-Samsung Note5 $225-Samsung Note8 (LCD+Housing) $245-Samsung Note9 (LCD+Housing) $320-Samsung Note10 (LCD+Housing) $365-Samsung Note10 pro (LCD+Housing) 🔥Samsung Glass Crack Repair(LCD Ok)🔥 Notes:For Cracked Glass Replacement, only applies if Your display and touch no damages at all Display with dead pixel, burn Mark Or serious cracked will be under lcd replacement. 🔥No Need Appointment,No need waiting 🔥 $60-Samsung S6 $60-Samsung S7 $100-Samsung S7 edge (LCD+Housing) $110-Samsung S8 (LCD+Housing) $115-Samsung S8 Plus (LCD+Housing) $125-Samsung S9 (LCD+Housing) $135-Samsung S9 Plus (LCD+Housing) $195-Samsung S10 (LCD+Housing) $220-Samsung S10 Plus (LCD+Housing) $195-Huawei Mate20 Pro (LCD+Housing) $245-Huawei P30 Pro (LCD+Housing) $135-Huawei Mate20 $145-HUAWEI P20 Pro $70-Samsung Note5 $135-Samsung Note8 (LCD+Housing) $155-Samsung Note9 (LCD+Housing) $350-Samsung Note10 (LCD+Housing) $380-Samsung Note10 pro (LCD+Housing) Provide free installation for Samsung Battery OEM battery ,not original (1 month warranty) Original Samsung battery(3 month warranty) $55(Original)—S6 $38(OME ) $55(Original)—S6 Edge- $38(OME ) $55(Original)—S6 Edge Plus- $38(OME ) $50(Original)—S7 - $38(OME ) $55(Original)—S7 Edge- $38(OME ) $55(Original)—S8 - $38(OME ) $55(Original)—S8 Plus- $38(OME ) $55(Original)—S9 - $38(OME ) $55(Original)—S9 Plus- $38(OME ) $55(Original)— Note5 - $38(OME ) $58(Original)— Note8-- $38(OME ) $60(Original)— Note9-- $38(OME ) Samsung Tab2 7.0,Tab2 10.1 Samsung Tab 3 7.0,Tab3 10.1 Samsung Tab 4 7.0,Tab4 10.1 Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 Samsung Tab S8.4 Samsung Tab S 10.5 Samsung Tab S2 8.0 Samsung Tab S2 9.7 Samsung Note 8.0 Samsung Note 10.1 Others Others Pls click here to WhatsApp us: If the models not listed. 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2019 Nov

Very honest chap. Did a wonder full job changing my cracked iPhone X screen