Samurai Tamahagane Japanese Straight Razor (Kamisori Authentic And Restored)


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** Tamahagane / Samurai Steel MADE IN JAPAN ** Price 65$ ONLY !!!! Lower price because the shape is not as perfect as the other post (185$) SHAVE READY Authentic and restored Tamahagane Steel Japanese Straight razor made in JAPAN. This model is perfect for beginners or advanced users willing to experience Japanese straight razor shaving. It will be delivered sterilised and "SHAVE READY" for a perfect smooth shave. This item is sold as is, no exchange / no refund due to hygiene security measures. Small dark spot on the blade due to previous oxydation. Rust has been removed but leave darker stains. This does *NOT* reduce the quality of the shave. The blade will be oiled with made in Germany oil, to avoid rust developing on the blade. If sharpening is required after long usage, send it back to me for sharpening cf: If taken care properly, sharpening of such razor should be done once a year. *** Benefits of straight razors shaving *** 1) Baby skin once shaving is complete 2) Remove all the superficial dead skin. Take it as a "scrub" 3) No more ingrown hairs! 4) The man-hood feeling ;) ;) Self collect balestier or meet up at bugis / lavender / newton / novena / boon keng mrt Keywords: sharpen, sharpening, whetstone, natural stone, jnat, jnats shapton professional, naniwa, sink, bridge, 120, 220, 320, 1000, 2000, 5000, 8000, 12000, grit european, japanese, razor, razors, straight, straightrazor, thiers issard, le grelot, solingen, filarmonica, iwasaki, yasuki, steel, new, azuma, tamahagane, samurai, hagane knife, knives, kitchen, bushcraft, outdoor, yanagiba, deba, nakiri, usuba, gyuto, santoku, chef, wusthof, miyabi, tojiro, kasumi kitchen, sushi, sashimi, meat, fish, vegetables steel, vg10, blue, blue1, blue2, white, white1, white2

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