Sandals Reflexology therapy treatment of chronic diseases of the feet


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Benefits of using Reflexology Sandals 1. Freeing or relieves tired and aching muscles 2. Improve blood circulation. 3. Unlock drain body. 4. Stimulate the organs in the body. 5. As adjunctive therapy for stroke patients. 6. Increase the endocrine system are normal and help the healing of wounds and pain in the body and mind. 7. Eliminate internal toxins or poisons and health care. 8. stimulate metabolism and help anti-aging 9. Strengthen the function of healing. Sandal Health Benefits: 1. Streamlining the flow of blood 2. Make the body to relax 3. Improving the awareness of body and soul 4. Streamlining menstruation 5. Streamlining the work of the heart, kidneys, etc. 6. Helps the body's optimal growth 7. Can treat diseases such as: migraine, insomnia, aches, and various other diseases.

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