Save thousands on Commission Selling your Condo $$$$ Propertyguru listing for sale.


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Selling my propertyguru listings and repost. Want to DIY selling your property but can't get a buyer on carousell or gumtree, even from newspaper? Don't want to pay agent commission because it is too darn expensive? * Cough cheapo* Fear not! Now you can! Do everything yourself... Well almost. If you don't need an agent, you surely do not! Then you can save a lot of $$$$ on commission. Just pay the marketing fee that is incurred by the website. Believe you can sell your property at a very high price? Now you can, just need to pay the marketing fee, because we agents are sick and tired of telling our seller that your price is too darn high, don't believe us, because we are out for your money. #TRUESTORY Then bear the marketing cost yourself. But if it takes 20 years to sell, don't blame me. Not my fault your price is too darn high and you wasted money on advertising like how you waste agents money. BUT YOU STILL CAN SAVE ON THOUSAND OF DOLLARS IF YOU SELL IT WITHIN A YEAR STILL! So you still got hope! Just need to run your math. But really, if you believe you have a good price and believe agents are really there to wayang only, you are right! We really are there to WAYANG ONLY! I'm selling my posting because I believe our industry is dying and look forward to a day where all middlemen are taken out of the picture, however right now, there are some agents out there that are still adding value to their clients but that is another story for another day. So if you are confident enough to sell your property you can contact me. Whatever property is welcome, even your parking lot. Please note that I take payment first before helping you to put up the posting. Too many agents have been cheated by owners who refused to pay comm when their property is sold. I am not asking for any commission, it is the cost of marketing. If you are not comfortable with this arrangement, MBS is pretty windy, you can go fly a kite. (PS: I have too much frustration regarding our industry, you can tell. But i am dead serious. I need to put food on the table still with all these increasing cost.) *Advertisement cost* Listed blow is the cost of per sort, and reposting cost. Per slot - $200 (whatever property) Per month, eg: 2 months, $400 on the start of every month. Only have 50 concurrent listing. If it is full, I will not be able to post your listing. Per boost (Read description in the picture) - $20 per week, comes in 1-4 weeks, as 20 credits are needed for the boost. (You still have to refresh your listing still while being boosted to be effective, so you can be top of the page.) Please note that you need to sign a marketing consent form so that I can help you to post your listing. No commission will be paid or collected in the process. I will only provide basic marketing advice, please seek housing advice from someone else. If you wish to seek housing advice from me - I'm pretty sure you won't, if not why would you be looking at this - I would offer you different packages. Service will be shortchanged depending on the amount you wish to pay. Paperwork services are also available, these will be group under administration charges. That is all, you generous humans. Note: Some agents have already tried to flag my account down as I am destroying their business, this is a second account. I wish not to hurt anyone's rice bowl, however, we all have to embrace change and doing the same thing over and over again seeking for different result is stupidity. I urge you fellow agent to do something different that will make you stand out, or else you will sooner or later be the elephant in the room, and I have come to terms with it already, thus I am finding more efficient way to add value, reduce cost, energy and time. It is for you to innovate now. Good luck my fellow colleague.