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Last few sets left. And to celebrate that, FREE DELIVERY PROMO* is BACK! YES!!! $99 NETT for a 2GB RAM + 16GB Space Android TV Box that is FULLY SETUP with DELIVERY (Time Limited Offer)!* πŸ’² UNBEATABLE PRICE πŸ‘ UNMATCHABLE QUALITY πŸ’ PERSONALIZED SERVICE πŸ“Ί 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM ❌ Retail: $200+ (may not even get 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM) πŸ‘ Ours: $99 NETT (Great TV Box plus big on content) πŸ‘ BETTER than the ones sold in Shopping centres or even Sim Lim Square ($180 - $250) πŸ‘ PLUS much more apps & addons (which others charge you extra $30 to $60 for) AND what differentiate us from the rest is in the After-Sales Support through our Facebook Group! πŸ’₯ Invitation to EXCLUSIVE Secret Facebook Group where I share future updates or guide to continue mining the potential of the awesome Android TV Box πŸ’₯ EXCLUSIVE Guide to better help you with the exploration of the many different apps and Kodi Add-ons available right out of the box πŸ’₯ EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our Dropbox (with over 70+ streaming apps & always increasing) πŸ’₯ Honest seller who is here to help as many enjoy the power of TV boxes because I was sold an overpriced and lousier TV boxes (as compared to mine) πŸ“ΊπŸŽ₯🎬 PREMIUM FREE apps & FULLY SETUP Kodi that have the following contents: 1. Live Sports Channels (BPL) 2. Live TV, eg National Geographic, History etc (US, Asian, CCTV, Malaysian, Indonesian, and many more) **Quality may be SD and stability is dependent on source 3. Latest US Dramas, eg. Iron Fist (Think Netflix without the monthly subscription) 4. HK/KR/JP/CN Drama 5. Latest English Movies 6. Tamil, Hindi, Malay content are available (some with English Subtitles) 7. Cartoons 8. Anime ** All contents are πŸ†“. No yearly subscriptions. It is never about the Box. You get the apps that you would normally get from a shop selling $169 to $189. We don't just provide you the fish, we teach you to fish. This is where the true value comes in. No longer do you have to worry about sellers disappearing even after giving you long warranties. You do not have to subject yourself to the marketing gimmicks of dishonest sellers. The Planetes aspires to help our customers learn more about Android boxes and FREE contents. We share regular updates in our EXCLUSIVE secret Facebook group, so that our customers can learn more about the wonders that is available in their Android TV boxes. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ For a preview of what is installed for you, see the screenshots from our Facebook page, which also includes free contents sharing too: The screenshots are not exhaustive. ADDONS: πŸ™‹ a. Installation & demo (up to 30 mins) at your place (+ $25) πŸš› b. Delivery Service (+ $15) πŸ‘ SPECIAL PACKAGE DISCOUNT - $30 for delivery and demo πŸ‘ 😎 ASTRO CHANNELS 😎 Only available through PAID subscription (about $90 to 98 yearly), which I can help to install, if you REALLY REALLY Need. I do not recommend though because these services are not regulated and their service may be poor. However, this may be a good consideration is you really want stable soccer streaming. This is not to say that the free sources are bad but they may not be stable at times for the impatient ones. πŸ˜ƒ If you really want the installation, the subscription fee will have to be paid upfront, as I do not earn from this subscription but merely doing it as a goodwill service for you. πŸ˜ƒ **My suggestion is that you try out the FREE contents first before deciding if you really need the Astro Channels. ❌ Stop paying for subscription TV like Mio or Star hub cable TV when you can get an awesome variety of free content through our Android TV Box. ❌ No more monthly fees. Heck, forget about those pirated setup box where its use expires after about 9 months to a year, if you are lucky. πŸ’  Get our Android TV Box and you have an extensive selection of programs promising the latest movies, dramas (US, HK and many more) and live TVs from all around the world. πŸ’  Do note that buying TV boxes from Taobao or other suppliers do not guarantee that content is straight away available. Most times, you still have to spend time to research and make additional setup just to unlock the true potential of those boxes. πŸ’  All boxes can be CUSTOMIZED & PERSONALIZED, eg. background of Kodi's wallpaper, just so that it makes your entertainment box that little bit more special and unique. What is the difference between my box and the rest? 1. I only offer or supply boxes that I have personally used, meaning they are reliable and stable. Speed of the system is reasonably fast too. 2. I offer apps that normal shops outside provides and more. Basically, unless you are getting subscription, which are priced into the box they sell outside, youΒ can actually try out the free contents, which is already more than enough, before deciding or not to pay for subscription services like Moon TV. 3. I was sold an overpriced box ($180 just free content) that was slow (think 1GB RAM) and not as responsive, so I know what value for money means. 4. Others will promised you thousands of channels and blah blah blah but for me, though there are many, many channels, since they are all free contents, stability and reliability is depending on source. Having said that, I do not have much issues with them, although some will not work from time to time. 5. Buying an Android box is not the consideration, it is the content that is inside the box. While you can definitely locate the various apps, through trial and error, what I am offering is CONVENIENCE and an EASE OF MIND. 6. Who is this honest???!?! *Free Delivery only available during Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Disclaimer: Please note that online contents are all managed by kind souls online. Since we are not the content providers or hosts, we are unable to guarantee that contents will be available 24/7. The sources may be down for periodic maintenance and may be subjected to delay. In any case, if one content goes down, more will come up because whenever there is demand, there will abundance of supply. We do not host or own any content for sharing and downloading. We simply organize content using a convenient and user-friendly format - Android TV Box. All screenshots used show 3rd party information which is available on the Internet via web browsing or video streaming. We are not affiliated in any way with the content providers, broadcasting channels nor responsible for their content. All content is copyright of their respective owners. We are not responsible for applications that (1) become obsolete over time, (2) contain obsolete content, and (3) have broken or unstable content links. Having said that, all our customers will be invited to our closed Facebook group where I share new updates and contents, whenever available. This Android TV Box do not descramble or decode cable or satellite tv signals (officially illegal). The Android TV Box does not download, host, copy or store any streaming media. The Android TV Box simply streams data that passes through the Internet to your TV. We DO NOT provide a channel list simply because all these channels are from FREE sources and we do not manage or host these contents. Screenshots are merely examples of what you may get from these sources, and it is in NO WAY an reflection that it is a commitment, as sources may be unstable or unavailable from time to time. If you were to get a channel list, it is definitely from a Paid IPTV Subscription. But I suggest you try the FREE sources that are Video on demand. Why wait for a programme to air? Use Video on Demand! πŸ†– This is not Mele, Xiaomi, MXQ, Synnex or other boxes. This is a quality X96 that has been tested and proven to be stable and simple to use. Past Promo: πŸ’ƒ SPECIAL OFFER for APRIL-MAY 2017 πŸ™Œ πŸš› Free Delivery! Don't wait anymore. Order with confidence.