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Screen Protectors for the 13" Macbook Pro 2016 (with and without touchbar) *bundles with keyboard protectors, touchbar guards available* Product Information - Compatible with the 13" 2016 Macbook Pro (with and without touchbar) - 100% durable - Protects the screen of your Macbook from scratches due to sediments and particles going onto your keyboard when you close it - Accepting preorders for Keyboard skins, Wristguards, Screen Protectors and outer Vinyl for most Macbooks, PM me for info regarding price and delivery time Mailing Information - Additional $2 for normal mailing Disclaimer - I am not liable for any loss of mail as well as damages after I mailed it as it is beyond my control - Item sold is non-refundable or exchangeable Tags: Apple Macbook Mac accessories air 11 13 15 17 inch keyboard skin guard protection wrist palm screen protector silicone transparent 13 inch retina macbook pro trackpad guard trackpad protector screenguard 12 inch macbook screen protector 2016 macbook pro without touch bar 2016 macbook pro with touchbar

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