Screen Protector & Trackpad protector/Wristguard for the 13'' Macbook Air


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Products we have for the 13'' Macbook Air (Only for meet ups) - Screen Protector; $5.90 - Trackpad Protector; $5.50 - Transparent Keyboard Protector; $1.80 - Coloured Keyboard Protector; $2.80 (Black is OOS) Tell us what you need and let us make you a bundle! Disclaimer - I am not liable for any loss of mail as well as damages after I mailed it as it is beyond my control - Item sold is non-refundable or exchangeable Mailing Information - For me to mail it, The trackpad protector/wristguard will have to be removed from it's packaging as its too bulky and might be damaged in the mailbox if its not removed. - Will only mail it if you get it in a set. - Normal mail for a set of 3 things cost an additional $1.50 Tags: Apple Macbook Mac accessories air 11 13 15 17 inch keyboard skin guard protection wrist palm screen protector silicone transparent keyboard cover keyboard skin case macbook pro macbook air dust plugs dust covers touchbar macbook pro 2016

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